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From Delhi we took the train to Amrtisar. The train was interesting! There were a group of girls going on a trip and they were very fun to listen to (even though we had no clue what they were saying)! They were singing, dancing, and playing games! We were served hot tea and cookies, they were very good! The only crazy thing was the bathroom on the train! There was a regular seat and everything but the toilet just went straight down to the tracks! So whatever you did in there went directly on the tracks! I didn’t take a picture because I am a pretty clumsy person and I did not want to drop my phone! We finally arrived (after a fun 6 hours) to our second hotel! I thought the first one was nice! This Ramada blew the first hotel out of the water! It was so fancy and the rooms were perfect! After we checked in we all met to eat lunch and the food was to die for!We then went back to our hotel and went swimming! The pool was on the roof and it was incredible! The water felt wonderful after a day of sight seeing!
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We got to go to the Wagah Border. It is the only road border crossing between Pakistan and India, Everyday at sunset there is a ceremony that takes place! This ceremony reminds me of our 4th of July. Tons of people gather to watch! Before the ceremony begins women are allowed to come down and dance to popular music, well Dr. Russell, Laura, and myself went down and danced with everyone! It was AMAZING!! We didn’t know any moves but everyone helped us out! I really enjoyed the Wagah border! But I will say that it was the hottest ever that day!
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The next day we got up very early so we could see the Golden Temple at sunrise, and let me tell you, that was the perfect time to go! The Golden Temple is a religious place for the Sikhs. But the thing that I loved most about it was that is a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. I cannot describe to you how this temple made me feel. I have never been moved more spiritually in my entire life. It was as if something came over my body and that nothing bad could every happen to me. The temple is surrounded by water that has a healing power if you believe. This temple is amazing in the fact that they offer food to everyone all day and night and that the most powerful/wealthy Sikhs will come and volunteer to clean the temple. There are people cleaning the Golden Temple 24/7. It is simple amazing to see people come together like that.
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Amrtisar will always have a place in my heart!

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