New Delhi 2

We visited many beautiful places the Jama Masjid, which is the largest mosque in India, and also the Raj Ghat, which is a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi. The Raj Ghat was decorated beautifully with different patterns of flowers which I am told change daily. 
jori india and others 29310612904_713326625402817_2061804841609704960_n
We then visited the Qutab Minar, which stands 73 m-high! This was mind blowing to look at because it was all hand built! I loved getting my picture with this!
10574239_713326585402821_9008111840820876233_n (1) 10635943_713326668736146_7898796705136879198_n
The next day in Delhi we went on our religious tour. That was amazing to learn about the different religions of India. My favorite was the  Sikh temple. This temple was made out of beautiful marble. We got to take some pictures outside but once you went into the temple cameras were off limits. We had to wear a scarf on our head and for a little bit I felt like I fit in! Everyone did make us feel extremely welcome even though we were obviously outsiders!
10653319_713326555402824_2413224800237324562_n jori india and others 351
We even got to see a catholic church, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. But just an FYI for those of you planning on going I bought some candles for my mother in law and they got confiscated at the airport! So be sure to but them in your check in bag!!
jori india and others 344 jori india and others 345 jori india and others 346
While staying in Delhi we got a delicious home cooked meal from out travel guides mother. They were so inviting and made our group feel right at home! It was also nice to visit a home in India to see what they were like! Delhi was wonderful but it was only our first stop on our incredible adventure!

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