We took a plane from Amritsar to Hyderabad. The plane was very cool. They had TV screens that picked up a couple channels. I watched Indian music videos that were amazing! I think that they were much older but they were really fun to watch! When we landed it was late, so we went directly to our hotel to get ready for the next day! Our hotel was adorable! It was more like a bed n breakfast!
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I was extremely excited about Hyderabad because this is where we got to go into a local school that Dr. Padmaraju use to teach at and observe education in India. The school is called Jublee Hills School. When we first arrived we got a tour of the school and we got to meet the principal. I was placed in a Kindergarten classroom. My teachers name was Ms. Nalini. She was an excellent teacher. She was energetic, outgoing, always smiling, and you could tell that she really enjoyed her job!
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The students were just like your typical Kindergarten students! They were excited to be at school and eager to learn and play. They all spoke English which was very nice for me. Actually the whole school’s instruction was done in English. Ms. Nalini was the type of teacher that always had a fun and engaging activity for each lesson and of course there were many songs! She used some songs that I remembered when I was little and then I got to learn a few too!
Some things that I found interesting were:
1. The building was half outside half inside. There was a big commons area for assemblies and then to get to each classroom you walked outside.(Kind of like an outlet mall) 
2.The students addressed everyone by mam and sir. And when they were addressing me they would say Jori mam. The students there are so proper and polite (nothing like our schools)
3. When the students left the room for any reason, to get back in they had to stand at the door, hold out their hand, and ask the teacher for permission to enter the classroom. They would say “Mam may I please come in”. They were not allowed to enter unless the teacher said it was okay.
4. When the students needed to use the restroom they held up their pinky finger  and that let the teacher know so it didn’t disrupt the class!
5. The classroom didn’t have any letters or numbers up because once they learn those they are taught to always remember them and it would be considered cheating if the letters and numbers were up in the room.
When it was time to leave the school it was very hard! My teacher did not want me to leave. The students did make me a farewell card that is absolutely beautiful and it was signed by all of the Kindergarten teachers. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget! If anyone has the opportunity to go the should! It will change your life for the better!
 jori india and others 633
 Another amazing thing that happened in Hyderabad was the delicious meal we had at Dr. Padmaraju’s mothers house. We got to see where she grew up and meet her family and friends! It was a wonderful experience and the food was SO GOOD! I am going to miss that food! And we got to celebrate her birthday! A tradition there is to feed a piece of cake to the birthday girl. It was fun watching and learning the traditions.
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One night we went to the Falaknuma Palace. It was so much fun because we got to wear  traditional Indian Sari’s. We borrowed them from Dr. Padmaraju’s friends and family. I felt like royalty. Plus who doesent like to get all dressed up?  We took a special car up to the palace and when we arrived our mouths dropped! You could see all of Hyderabad from the Palace and the palace was breathtaking.
10338244_10152649753805763_21364380652993319_njori india and others 510jori india and others 544
We went on a tour of the palace but I am sorry I don’t have any pictures because photography isn’t allowed. After walking though this masterpiece, it was time to sit down to dinner. The dinner was delicious. The server brought out everything on a tray and served you directly from the pan. One of the best things was that we had a pallet cleanser in-between the appetizer and main course.  It was raspberry and strawberry sorbet. It was such a fun night with the whole group, and Kirans mom came along to join us! It was fun to sit down and relax and just laugh! We all reminisced about our trip and we all became closer that night!
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We visited the Golkonda/Golconda Fort and it was great! It amazes me that people a long long time ago built these beautiful forts! While we were there we learned about the history though a light show it was very cool to see the fort glow with all different colors!
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Hyderabad is also known for its Pearls. It’s nickname is the City of Pearls. We got to go to a Jewelry Store and see all the beautiful pearls. I am getting married July 2015 and I actually purchased my wedding jewelry in Hyderabad! I am really excited to wear it on my special day because it has so many memories!

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