We took our tour bus from Jaipur to Agra and that was a long car ride! But we did see some very interesting things! But on the way we stopped and visited the imperial “ghost city” Fatehpur Sikri. This place was beautiful with intricate details.
jori india and others 864jori india and others 874
When we arrived to Agra we were all very happy to get out of the car! We went to our hotel and believe it or not this hotel was even nicer than the rest! The structure was beautiful and the decor was modern.
jori india and others 887jori india and others 889jori india and others 893
We got a chance to relax and get settled in and snoop around! I love doing that in hotels! We hit the hay early that night because in the morning we were getting up super early to go and see the Taj Mahal at sunrise! I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to see (with my own eyes) the Taj Mahal. I felt like I was in a dream! We were all very excited to see this wonder of the world! We had a wonderful tour guide who had given tours to many famous people! He has even worked with American producers for films and such. He was great and knew all of the perfect spots to take your picture!
jori india and others 918jori india and others 920jori india and others 909
 I cannot explain the shear beauty I saw while looking at the Taj Mahal it is simply gorgeous. I even told Laura, this wont seem real to me until I physically touch it!
jori india and others 937
You had to take off your shoes or wear protective booties.
10325174_513234375488418_4623133561946849245_njori india and others 929
After the Taj Mahal we came back and ate breakfast. We had some free time so we went swimming. The pool was a lot of fun and we played Marco Polo with Yajur and he had never played before so that was fun teaching him some games in the pool! One day when we were there it was Raksha Bandhan, which is a Hindu celebration where you honor the special bond and love that you share with your brother. You give them a special braclet called a Rakhi. Since my brother was back home Laura and I made Yajur our honorary brother and we each gave him a Rakhi. It was really fun and I think that he enjoyed it! And it is tradition for the brother to give his sisters something and he got us these really cool cell phone holders and clip on the inside of your purse  so you can always find it! He was the best and I miss seeing his smiling face!!
The last place we went was the Agra Fort or the Red Fort. This fort was made out of beautiful sandstone. There is a balcony here that looks out over the Taj Mahal. When you take a picture it looks like you are holding the Taj Mahal in your hand!
jori india and others 994

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