Coming Home

From Agra we drove to Delhi. Our flight was later on at night so we got to meet Dr. Padmaraju’s Brother and his family. They cooked us dinner and we ate and talked about our trip and it was a very nice relaxing evening and a nice last day in India. We were all a little tired and ready to come home! After dinner it was bittersweet because we were ready to go but we didn’t want to leave behind our new best friend, Yajur. He had been through a lot with us Pantaloons, train ride, swimming, hagglers, and becoming our brother. When we arrived to the airport we had to say our goodbyes outside. We took some last min pictures and then headed to our gate.
jori india and others 1027 jori india and others 1028
The plane ride was very long and we all just really wanted to get home to see our family and friends and to sleep in our own beds!! When we landed we still had a nice little drive back to Charleston and we stopped along the way to get a cheeseburger because we hadn’t had beef in 16 days! I was missing me some beef! We got home and Dr. Carter dropped me off at my apartment and my fiancé and friends had decorated my porch with a sign and balloons that said welcome home! It was really nice. I couldn’t wait to share all of my stories and pictures with my friends and family!

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